12 February 2021


Take the inaugural The Global Legal Post snapshot survey: Covid-19 and the workplace

Short, confidential poll asks readers how the pandemic will change the way we work in the longterm

The first of a regular series of snapshot reader surveys looks at the impact Covid-19 will have on the workplace once lockdown ends. 

Will offices change, along with expectations about where and when people should work? What will the knock on effect of this be on productivity, mental health and diversity and inclusion?

And what about business travel? Will there by a swift return to life as it was before the pandemic struck, or will holidays subsidised by air miles become a thing of the past? And would that be a good thing, given the inexorable rise of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) movement?

Take the confidential survey here


The impact of Covid-19 on legal pracitce is a key topic at a three-day online course for law firm leaders being held next month by The Global Legal Post in association with Lexington Consultants. Click here for more details about: Preparing your law firm for success in the post-pandemic era


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