28 November 2019

Orrick's freewheeling engine

Firm marks Wheeling transformation with a renaming to the Global Operations & Innovation Center.

Orrick says it is undergoing an “extraordinary transformation” with the renaming of the firm’s Wheeling facility to be known as the Global Operations & Innovation Center (GOIC).

Transforming client service

The GOIC, the firm says, recognises “the team’s role as the engine of the firm’s efforts to innovate and transform the client service model.” Orrick chairman Mitch Zuklie and other senior leaders celebrate with the team,saying “Our Wheeling team has been at the centre of our focus on transforming the legal services delivery model,” adding “The new roles, sophisticated analytics tools and innovative processes we are developing and delivering here enable the firm to offer a whole new suite of solutions to our clients.” When the centre opened in 2002, tagged as the first insourcing centre of its kind in a US-based law firm, its focus was on providing higher quality, more efficient back office support. But by 2009, the team became part of the firm’s client service delivery and today is an integral part of delivering sophisticated legal work to clients worldwide, the firm explained.

Becoming the engine

“The GOIC is an incredible story about innovating in West Virginia, drawing on local talent and equipping them with transformational technologies. We really have a special team: from the 19 founders who are still with us today to the hundreds of employees, Williams Lea employees and document review specialists who comprise our team today,” said GOIC director Kelly Cullen, who leads the firm’s US career associate program and heads the Wheeling office. The GOIC is home to Orrick Analytics, an AI-based data analytics operation. “It’s been really exciting to see the evolution of the Wheeling operation from back office centre to an engine of the firm’s innovation effort, with technology and task-based experts integrated into everything we do,” added Wheeling-based Orrick analytics director Daryl Shetterly, who was recruited by chief innovation officer Wendy Curtis to build and leverage Orrick’s Wheeling platform and talent pool seven years ago.

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