21 May 2019

Lander & Rogers launches lawtech hub

Melbourne lawtech hub formally launched featuring new startups and scaleup, with new intake also due in September.

Four legal technology creators have joined Australia’s first lawtech hub of its kind, starting a growing community that will boost this emerging sector and improve the experience of those requiring legal expertise.


The LawTech Hub by Lander & Rogers, powered by YBF Ventures in Melbourne, is an immersion opportunity for mature startups and scaleups looking to collaborate, grow their companies rapidly, and be part of the up-and-coming legal technology community in Australia. After a robust application process, the first startups to join the LawTech Hub are Anika Legal, TA Law, and Mitimes, and scaleup Josef. Speaking at the formal opening of the LawTech Hub, The hon Jane Garrett, parliamentary secretary for jobs, said, “It is incredibly impressive to see Lander & Rogers and YBF Ventures put their passion and drive towards creating a centre of excellence for transforming the way that lawyers can do their work. “ Ms Garrett added, “With educated and compassionate people from the law collaborating with smart, energised technology experts, they can create a better experience and outcome for the people who critically rely on the law.” Genevieve Collins, chief executive partner at Lander & Rogers, said, “Clients are expecting more from their legal advisers and the industry has to respond. Lander & Rogers has chosen to look outwards and embrace technology, and our LawTech Hub is an important part of our response.”

September intake

TA Law aims to make the legal system more efficient by giving barristers the ability to receive electronic briefings. Mitimes is creating technology that captures lawyer activity, automating their timesheet for accurate hands-off timekeeping. Josef is a platform where lawyers can build their own legal bots. Using the bots, they can automate parts of their day-to-day work including drafting documents, lawyer-client conversations, and provide legal guidance and advice. Anika Legal is a registered charity and is building a platform that will provide free legal advice as well as give law students the opportunity to gain practical experience. YBF Ventures chief executive officer Farley Blackman said, “Being part of Melbourne’s top startup hub for technology and innovation, the LawTech Hub joins a mix of federal and state government-backed hubs within YBF, as well as an impressive group of corporate partners.” The next intake of startups will join the LawTech Hub in September 2019. Potential applicants can find more information here.

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