31 July 2019

Diligen speeds up contract reviews

Toronto company releases Prodigy, a new machine learning-based self-training system.

Law firms and legal departments now able to train full clause models within 20 minutes or less, according to Toronto-based Diligen, a machine learning-based contract review platform.

Reduced training times

The newly released Prodigy enables law firms and legal departments to rapidly train the product to recognise new clause types in contracts, expanding the range of concepts the contract analysis system can identify with minimal time and effort. After a few examples, the system will auto suggest other possible examples, which users can add with the click of a mouse. With Diligen Prodigy, users will be able to build out a fully trained clause model within 10 to 20 minutes. Diligen says the new system dramatically reduces average clause training times and empowers law firms and legal departments to easily add their own unique clause models to Diligen’s pre-built clause library, significantly reducing the time to value. The company says it is offering a significant leap forward for AI and machine learning-based contract review applications. Historically, if other systems have provided self-training modules at all, Diligen says they included systems that were complicated, cumbersome and slow to use, which discouraged users from building their own clause models.

“Out of the box”

“Providing our clients with easy and intuitive ways to do their contract review work is at the heart of our mission,” stated Laura van Wyngaarden, Diligen’s co-Founder and coo. “We are excited to launch Diligen Prodigy - providing our clients with a dramatically faster way to expand the library of custom clause types Diligen will identify. Prodigy will allow law firms and legal departments to respond rapidly to tight client timelines and use AI contract analysis technology for projects where time or resources may not have allowed previously.” Diligen’s release of Prodigy comes on the heels of its new pre-trained clause library expansion– with Diligen able to identify hundreds of clause types across a range of use cases straight “out of the box."

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