Latin America


Garrigues launches Chilean office

As part of its plans to expand in Latin America, Iberian firm Garrigues has announced a deal to integrate Chilean firm Avendaño Merino.


Venezuela faces Argentina-style legal drama if it defaults

Should plummeting oil prices force Venezuela's government to default on its debt, the lack of collective action clauses (CACs) on almost US$40bn worth of bonds could expose the oil-exporting country to a legal battle with holdout investors.


Argentina seeks out second law firm for debt advice

According to a source from the Argentina's economy ministry, the new government is searching for a second law firm to help resolve the country's long-standing battle with creditors suing it over its unpaid debt.


Top former A&O partner charged in Petrobras probe

The Allen & Overy partner who used to be head of its Dutch practice has been charged by the Brazilian Public Prosecutor's Office in relation to the long-running investigation into oil giant Petrobras.


Brazil suspends WhatsApp in legal dispute

A Brazilian court on Wednesday ordered telecommunications providers to block all access to the WhatsApp phone-messaging application for 48 hours throughout Brazil, as a punishment for WhatsApp's refusal to communicate with the court.


Another day, another Dentons expansion

Dentons has announced it will establish its first physical presence in Latin American and the Caribbean, with the news it is considering combining with Colombia's Cárdenas & Cárdenas and Mexico's López Velarde, Heftye y Soria (LVHS).