18 October 2017

NetApp legal department recognised for legal technology skills

NetApp's legal department has become the first in-house legal department to receive a legal technology certificate.

In a first for the legal industry, the legal department of NetApp’s has been awarded a certificate for its legal technology competence by LTC4. LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competency Certification Coalition) Learning Plans are an industry standard method of assessing technology skills which law firms, legal departments and law schools can use to structure training programmes to demonstrate and prove competence and efficiency with technology.

Bold and efficient solutions

The certificate was awared to recognise NetApp’s innovative, bold and efficient solutions which its legal department uses to meet the needs of the business. It leverages a range of new technologies to drive efficiencies and foster continuous improvement. 'Our goal is for team members be offered the opportunity to receive LTC4 Certification across platforms, as well as in the Security Awareness domain. We worked with LTC4 Provider Member Capensys in achieving these certifications,' says Connie Brenton, NetApp’s Chief of Staff & Senior Director of Legal Operations and CEO of CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium). 'This is the start of something big. We will see more innovation-oriented in-house legal departments pursue LTC4 certification in the months ahead.'