17 January 2019

Forecast highlights issues for counsel in the year ahead

Crowell & Moring 2019 Litigation Forecast aims to equip counsel to build litigation war room and leverage technology to develop case strategy.

Warnings about litigation case strategy and legaltech impact abound in the Crowell & Moring seventh-annual ‘Litigation Forecast 2019: What Corporate Counsel Need to Know for the Coming Year.

Lawyers, not tech

Philip T Inglima, Crowell & Moring chair, said ‘the digital revolution fundamentally changed how businesses operate, and that sea change has expanded to their legal departments and outside law firms. Lawyers in every setting are witnessing a generational shift in the delivery of legal services, led by technology. It’s not that technology will replace lawyers; it’s that technology - AI, automation, TAR, data analytics, and more - will enhance legal strategies and better position them to win.’ The Forecast features interviews with in-house counsel at Cisco, Humana, United Airlines, and Lex Machina offering insight into how technology is profoundly impacting the practice of law, and in particular on litigation case strategy. The Forecast also explores trends in #MeToo litigation, data privacy, consumer protection.

Leveraging tech

The survey cover story on the new war room explores how companies and law firms are leveraging technology to improve their legal operations and litigation strategy, and discusses how technology is streamlining the collection and analysis of information to aid ‘data-driven’ decision making along the continuum of litigation. From analytics, e-discovery, jury selection, and the promise of virtual reality mock trial experiences, litigation strategies now leverage bytes not books, and technology is transforming litigation strategy to better arm litigators to win the toughest, most complex courtroom battles. You can read the forecast here.