25 October 2018

The JAMS LA and NY will welcome?

JAMS promised as international arbitration centres due to open in Los Angeles and New York, partly due to new California bill.

JAMS, a global private provider of mediation and arbitration services, has announced plans to open JAMS International Arbitration Centers (JIACs) in New York and Los Angeles, increasing access to international arbitration facilities for attorneys and their clients in the United States and worldwide.

Leading market

The announcement anticipates that a new choice of seat for international arbitrations in California will be feasible in January 2019 given the recent passage of California Senate Bill 766 and its anticipated approval by the Governor. On Thursday, July 5, the California State Assembly approved California Senate Bill 766, a measure that will allow the participation of out-of-state and non-U.S. lawyers in international arbitration proceedings in California, and was approved by governor Jerry Brown on July 18.Noting the passing of the bill, Chris Poole, President and CEO of ceo, said ‘the passing of SB 766 will position California as a leading market for international arbitration proceedings by allowing the participation of out-of-state and non-U.S. lawyers. It will not only bring advantages to California, our businesses, and the statewide economy, but it provides a sophisticated legal market for businesses and attorneys participating in international arbitration proceedings’.

Upward trend

JAMS panelists specialise in international arbitration across a number of industries, including Engineering and Construction, Sports and Entertainment, Intellectual Property and IT. Chris Poole, JAMS president and ceo, explains ‘the opening of JAMS International Arbitration Centers in New York and Los Angeles comes at a time when we see an upward trend in international arbitrations being held at JAMS.’ The centers, scheduled to open by the end of 2018, are the first of several planned JAMS International Arbitration Centers and will be established within existing JAMS Resolution Center locations in strategic markets.  The facilities will feature upgraded amenities to provide efficient, comfortable international arbitration proceedings.