10 August 2017

Texan law firm uses jet as office

Texan law firm Patterson + Sheridan has come up with a novel way of doing business in Silicon Valley.

A Texas law firm has found an innovative way to do business in Silicon Valley without having to pay top dollar for commercial space. Patent firm Patterson + Sheridan bought a nine-seater corporate jet which racks up some 150,000 hours a year between Texas and California.

Cheaper option

The firm claims to offer clients a cheaper deal as most work is done in Texas. Furthermore, partners can work on the plane which means time travelling is billable. The firm took the plunge after deciding teleconferencing did not work and that face-to-face was necessary. With Silicon Valley one of the most expensive places in the US to rent an office, flying in and out was deemed a more practical and cheaper solution. Furthermore, the jet option saves time flying private instead of commercial. The access to Silicon Valley means they can also visit clients and attend events to drum up business. The jet cost the firm £3m. Source: Houston Chronicle