07 December 2015

High Court rules on judicial review

The High Court will today judge whether to grant permission for a review of the government's tender for new legal aid contracts.

Application for urgent consideration and expedition was submitted by the London Borough of Newham, which is concerned about the impact of justice in the area, and a group of 65 firms called Fair Crimes Contracts Alliance Ltd.

Sufficient standing

Mr Justice Stuart-Smith has asked the parties to address questions as to whether they have sufficient standing to bring proceedings, adding that subject to ‘satisfactory resolution’ of the three issues, ‘it is my intention to give permission’.

High level of need

A spokesperson for London Borough of Newham said it supports the judicial review because it has a high level of need and some of its residents are ‘ill-equipped’ to pay legal fees for themselves, adding that: 'Local firms raised their concerns with us, which we shared when [we] looked at the matter.’ Source: Law Gazette